Clown Supplies

A well dressed clown needs costumes and supplies that will last them for many years. It is important to buy quality products designed for the professional clown. Most items available around Halloween at the local costume store are only good for one day. For better value, shop at a clown convention or buy online from one of the following vendors.

Clown Costumes

Clown Shoes

clown shoes
  • Clown-So-Port
    After 16 wonderful years, they are closing their doors.

    405 East Forest Street
    Oconomowoc, WI 53066
  • Spear Specialty Shoe Company
    Since 1983, the Spear Specialty Shoe Company has been providing custom footwear to clowns and performers around the world.
    12 Orlando Street
    Springfield, MA 01108-2412
  • Clown City Shoes
    New maker of clown shoes. They carry on the tradition set forth by Anthony and Grace of Athol, MA, who taught Doug Chapman, who is teaching them.

  • Son of Sandlar
    708 East Gwinnet Street
    Savannah, Georgia 31401

    Custom leather shoes for the renaissance fair goers. Also has elf shoes.

Clown Wigs

  • Pro Clown Store
    Trick and Tara Kelly hand make all of their wigs with real yak hair.

Clown Noses

  • ProKNOWS
    Leon McBryde is the maker of a large line of clown noses and makeup.

    P.O. Box 12
    Buchanan, VA 24066

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Clown Supplies

Face Painting Supplies

face paints

Balloon Supplies

Other Places Clowns Shop

Ask a clown where he or she shops and you will likely hear that they go to thrift, craft, fabric, and party supply stores.