Clowns have a long history of performing in the circus and most circus groups have one or more clowns in their shows.

Circus Poster

US Circus Groups

The circus is alive in the United States with several large and small circus groups touring the states.

Shrine Circus Groups

The Shriners have been putting on circuses around the states and raising funds to support the work of the Shriners. Here are a few of their groups.

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Other Circus Related Organizations

  • CircEsteem
    Chicago group that's mission is to unite youth from diverse racial, cultural, and economic backgrounds and help them build self-esteem and mutual respect through the practice of circus arts.
  • Circus Fans of America
    North America's Leading Circus Fan Organization - Founded 1926
  • CircusWest
    The mission of CircusWest is to develop skills, build confidence and inspire passion through training and performance in circus arts.
  • Circus Historical Society, Inc. (CHS)
    not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to recording the history of the American circus
  • Circus World
    Circus World is a thrill for all ages - a chance to see how the circus has entertained people for generations. Located in Baraboo, WI.
  • FSU Flying High Circus
    One of only two collegiate circuses in the United States.

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